Grateful Ventures is a company founded on one thing:

good people doing good.


We’re an online media and publishing coalition, focusing on building content and monetization strategies for high value domains. Our creative collective brings together brightest minds in online media, with hard-earned expertise and deep intuition in business, design, development, branding, marketing, advertising, online media, videography and cinematography.


So why “Grateful”? Because we’re grateful for the opportunity to work together, grateful for the ability to create incredible web properties, and grateful to be focused on building a better community at the same time. A portion of all of our profits is returned to our communities in creative, meaningful ways. Grateful Ventures will promote gratitude, giving, education and empowerment.


We are a team with a passion for creatively redefining the way business is done, and we gladly hustle each and every day. Want to work with us? We’d love to hear from you.

The Grateful House

We’re grateful to work, live, and play in the heart of Downtown Phoenix.


Our office, a former home built in 1918, sits in the historic Evans Churchill District on Roosevelt Row. As part of the resurrection of Phoenix’s downtown, we made it our mission to make the Grateful House a part of the thriving community of artists, locally run businesses, and event spaces. To us, we’re all three.


To show the neighborhood we’re here to stay, we commissioned a local painter, to surround the outside of the Grateful House with eye-catching art that reflects the vibe of downtown Phoenix. We’re also proud to take part in First Fridays, a monthly event that celebrates the spirit and culture of our community.