Coordinated digital advertising to maximize revenue

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Our programmatic strategy & brand-building skills:


Grateful is ahead of the curve when it comes to the science and art of advertising. We're working with the largest companies in the world, predicting the future (yep!), and doing our part to ensure that your brand is poised for long-term success and growth.

We’re not about ad-stuffing and overcrowding pages with ads for short-term revenue gains — which ultimately compromise your brand's potential for long-term, sustainable growth.

The vitality of your brand over the long haul is our priority.

World-class programmatic ad stack

The USA TODAY programmatic ad stack offers advertisers access to exclusive inventory. With an enormous number of ad partners, we leverage traffic to maximize revenue for our influencers and clients.

Programmatic sales teams

Our sales force is the best in the business, with more than 50 programmatic salespeople. With both local and national sales teams selling into our powerful ad stack, we are able to offer our clients top-quality advertising and unbeatable rates.

Customized ad placement

We work alongside our influencers and bloggers to help integrate programmatic advertising into their websites, to create high-quality site layouts that help engage and serve readers, creating a completely custom ad layout.

Private marketplace deals

Our sales force sells private marketplace deals spanning across our network of sites, increasing clients' overall revenue. In fact, during 2017, the USA TODAY NETWORK sold more than 1,200 private marketplace deals.

Header bidding

Our proprietary header bidding technology is built & maintained by an army of software engineers. We're going after the best possible deals — in real time, all the time.

Custom proprietary dashboard

We tell it like it is & we built it just for you: Track your revenue in real time, with complete transparency of commission splits.


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