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We know brands. We know audiences. We know messaging. And it’s this triple threat approach to integrated, organic and targeted multimedia campaigns that’s earned our team serious street cred. The Grateful Ventures team has conceptualized, developed, and executed integrated marketing campaigns for the largest brands in the world. With us, it’s not about flashy buzzwords, it’s about passing along the experience, expertise and ingenuity that will reinvent the way you look at branded online opportunities.


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Our Capabilities

IAB Compliant: We support all IAB compliant ad sizes and strive to abide by IAB standard guidelines.

Custom Video: Our Emmy-award winning video team produces fully custom branded content ranging from brief clips to full-length series.

Sponsored Recipe: Connect with our network of food bloggers and professional recipe developers–many of whom have deep brand relationships–to serve up your ideas in fresh new ways.

Promoted Post: Be the star of curated collections and recipe searches with a promoted placement on the homepage.

Promoted Social Posts: Start a conversation with engaged fans and bloggers with premium social media mentions across multiple networks.

Giveaways: Get your fans excited and reach new customers with branded, high value, custom giveaways.

Specialized Sponsorships: Whether it’s a holiday, a theme or a specific product, we’ll create a multifaceted campaign that connects you with your audience in unexpected, impactful ways.

FoodBlogs Star: Sponsor individual challenges or the entire competition as bloggers compete in this first-of-its-kind branded online mini-series to become the next FoodBlogs Star, winning cash, prizes and their own branded content on

Grateful Digital

Whether you’re a brand looking to get your campaign message out there, or a website that’s wondering how we run a highly monetized network of inventory, we want to work with you!

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For Brands

Grateful Digital gives you access to:

  • Greater engagement
  • Extended reach
  • Unique marketing opportunities
  • First-to-market big ideas
  • Guaranteed results
  • Top of the line talent


C’mon, let’s be friends! We want to help you…because, let’s be honest, helping you, helps us and together we can be one powerful voice. They say you are only as strong as your weakest link…well…let’s just say we don’t allow weak links in this party because we will make you ALL rockstars. period. Plus, we aren’t scared to open up the book of secrets that we’ve learned the past 30+ years. We are here for YOU and helping you grow your business makes us happy. So let’s get to it…let’s make money together and most importantly, let’s have fun while we do it.

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We’re always looking for bloggers and recipe developers to help us create drool-worthy recipes for our sites and partners.