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An innovative tech powerhouse

Our developers go beyond the code and create fresh and unique experiences that keep Grateful on the leading edge of digital media.

Making it easy

We all know it inherently: the best sites — the most useful sources of information — are easy to find, easy to use, easy to understand, and easy to implement into daily life.

That's why our team works year-round to make sure that everything Grateful touches is exciting, helpful, and is well worth your time.

Machine learning

We're taking advantage of the collective knowledge being formulated by other leaders in the industry and applying that knowledge to improve our user experiences.

Because, after all – if our site visitors and advertisers ain't happy, ain't nobody here happy.

Expanding our horizons

Food has been our bread and butter up to this point in the Grateful journey, but we also want to serve up high-quality content in the health, beauty and parenting spaces, too.

Stay tuned, because we know that our expertise can be applied in many ways, and we're excited to show you more of what we can do.